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North Half Allotment Map

Map of the North Half allotments with the names of the allottees.


Spokane Indian Camp

A photo of about 50 tipi set in a roughly elliptical pattern in a valley.  On the left is a set of grandstands.  On the left center arcing to center front is a line of vehicles that appear to be model T Fords and a truck of similar era.

Tule Mat Weaving Demonstration Overview

In this overview, CarylDene Swan from the Coeur d'Alene Tribe of Indians demonstrates the basic steps of making a tule reed mat. These mats served a number of different functions including the construction of lodging, floor coverings, and for serving food. A longer demonstration is also available through the Plateau Peoples' Web Portal.


Root Gathering Bag

Round, twined, cylindrical cornhusk bag. Bird and animal designs. Black fabric used in starting base. Braid at top edge with warp fibers clipped on inside., height: 7"; Diameter: 4 3/4"