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Legends of the As-sööm "Eel" Trail

Typed story about Coyote created trails for salmon and eels to travel for people to catch and eat.

How Coyote Lost Immortality to the Tribes

Typed story about Coyote losing immortality to the First Man.

Immortality--Wasco and other works

Typed descriptions titled "Immortality--Wasco," "Klikitat-Yakima," "A Yakima Hunter," and "A Yakima Chief." These accounts by Sitting Rock, also known as Wasco Jim, and Smah-lah-hop describe what happens when a person dies.

How the nChe-wana [sic] Was Formed

Typed story about how a lake on Mount Adams was formed.

Tah-mah-na-wis* Power

Typed account about the death of Sluskin as narrated by I-keep-swah, also known as Sitting Rock and Wasco Jim.

A Paiute Vision of the First Wolf People

Typed account of how the Paiute were given a vision from the First Wolf people, in order to forestall an Armageddon.

The Vision of In-wat-kee of the Wishoms

Typed account of how a woman named In-wat-kee passed away, then came back to life as narrated by her daughter Sin-i-tah.

Dream Presentment of Death

Typed account of how An-a-whoa foresaw her death.

Cascade Indian Legend

Typed story about how Castle Rock was formed. This story was told by Owl-Child, also known as Alec McCoy.

How Coyote and Fox Flew to the Upper World.

Typed transcription of a story about how Coyote and Fox travelled to the Upper World for food and how Coyote fell back to earth.