Bag, Deer Head Shape, Nez Perce

A Nez Perce man's cured hide bag of three pieces decorated with glass beads. The bag was made between 1836 and 1845 and is part of the Spalding-Allen Collection.

This beaded, decorated bag in three pieces was used as a man's bag for for personal itmes, possible tomacco and pipe bowl or medicine. It is not a tribal medicine bag. The ope or upper section is bison hide and the main section is of an an unborn fawn skin. The bison hide shows use prior to manufacture of this bag. The fawn skin includes feet like appendages which were shortened and stitched together.

Cultural Narrative: 

The use of of fawn skins (newbornand fetus) was a common practice, most frequently with hair remaining. This bag shows evidence of hair indicating that it orginally had the hair left on.