Lydia's Autograph Book #2 - Page 26

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"To Lydie Conditt Dearest Friend I only ask you to remember me as one of your poor friend and school mate. Please I ask you to remember me and I will do the same to you also. as Whishing of you poor friend your truly friend Annie. M. Gray. No 189 to 119" and "Chemawa Or. March 23 1889 from Warm Springs Res. Or Co. Or forget me not excuse me for my bad writing". There are also four stickers type items. The first is of a dove sitting on a hand surrounded by a floral design. In the hand’s fingers is a note that says "Glad hours". The second item is of a floral design with a hand reaching out toward a purple flower. On the right of the purple flower is a note with the words "In every leaf a message see, May these short lines Remind of me". Below the hand and floral design is the name Johnnie James. The third item has two doves side by side with a floral design around them. Below the left dove is a hand holding a ribbon with the words "Life bear for you its sweetest flowers!". The final item has a floral wreath held up by a hand. In the center of the wreath is a note with the words "A token of regard for thee in this my simple offering see".

Location Description: 

Chemawa Oregon