Lydia's Autograph Book #2 - Page 35

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"To L.C. No 119 You ask me to writ in your beautiful album so I will now I can only ask you to remember me and I will do the same to you. And I can not think of anything funny just now so I tell you to just wait a moment now L. when you will grow mountians tops and wounder it I am loving there with bears and fox. And say I wish I could go and visit Mary Ann but I am scared she might bite me beacuse she is fox. Now I gess that all I can think", "oh! dear for me now", "I hop you will noe be sad", "Page 174 lesson", "I wrote this at 11 miutes to 9'o' clock night time and the dog was barking I gess your album got ... in it now!", "I am siting up with 94 she is eating her night dinner now that all now. escuse my silly words", "for get me not", "I.T School Chemawa Oregon", "you tell me to write funny so I did but not very funny MaryAnn Nelson No 174 t0 119 Cam from Nebbville Kasap June 29th 1887", "Oh dear I wish I was at home", "will you ever think of me as a pooer friend of yours", "7 times 17 is how much. CXIX", and "and you will not make fun of my writing".

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Nebbville Kasap; Chemawa Oregon