Lydia's Autograph Book #2 - Page 47

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"Dearest Cousin Lydia Conditt. many of you best friends are asking you to remember them and let me be among them and I shall always remember you if I will live or else Ill be in my grave. Then you may look over you....and see you many friends nams and place dont let mine pass without looing over it and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sarrow, nor crying neither shall there be aby more pain. you must laugh at my writing: this is the wishes of you cousin A.P Lindsley", "New Chemawa No 2 street", "you Indian Name Trees and end of feet", "From New tah cober. O my dear I know what to say", "Oh! my rich writing", "Ms. no 2 street", "March 23 1888", and "you must not for get my brother and I". There is also a star drawn on the upper right hand corner. The star points are colored in with blue and the center is white. In the center there is also a bird drawn on with ribbons. In the ribbons are the words "Wsely A." and "Away".

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New Chemawa