Lydia's Autograph Book #2 - Page 75

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"My dear friend Lydie Conditt 119.", "Dearest friend Lydie Conditt When you looin this lovely page and think of me as one of your friend who wishes not to be forgotten by you. Sometimes you may feel lone some and think of the happy days we have spent while we were at Chemawa, but those days never will come before us again and never to see the friends of whom you used to love so much in the days gobe by. Oh Lydie. this is very sad and gruesome eveining. remember me. I am your lone some friend, 78. E.C. poor me always be lone some 78 119 321 1.2.3.", "what are awful funny writing", "Chemawa Oregon, June 25 1887 excuse my black page", "June 25, 1887 {lonesome Page 78}", and "say Lydie, remember Jack will you} do be kind.".

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Chemawa Oregon