Lydia's Autograph Book #2 - Page 76

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"My dear friend Lydie Conditt 119. Dearest friend Lydie Conditt When you look in this lonely page. Please remember me, also if you can while you were at chemawa but forget me if you gone away from chemawa But I remember you all the time as a very good partner. Be good girl at all the time and you must never get lonesome. all I wishes you to be kind towards a everybody. your never lonesome friend 125. P L poor me always never get-lonesome 125.119. 21.2.3.", "No 4 say Lydie remember jack will you do be kind", "No 7 what are awful funny writing", "Chemawa Oregon June 28th 1887 excuse my white page", "No 2 remb remember me I always get left in chemawa and I stay home. well I must sign my new name P. Sarage", "June 24, 1887 my page is No. 3 78 years cold last so .....dont you know? I dont belief you were under stand my writting so many crocked lines dont know which it went to all I ask for a last word please excuse my many mistakes", and "No 5 nevaer lonseome page 125}".

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Chemawa Oregon