Lydia's Autograph Book: Friends, Forget Me Not 1 - Page 31

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"To Mifs L. C. Conditt. I want's you to behave & do good and not follow the willful, and the first step to greatness is to be honest. Be what you seem to be, betray no trust, divulge no secret, some people are very busy and yet do nothing, adversity make new wise, not rick, do good whenever you can and forget it. Industry is fortune's right hand. Indolence is the rust of the mind, laze folks take the most pain's, but try whats right and never lose yourself respect, if that is lost, all is lost, and there is no disease so dangerous as want of common sense and learn the luxury of doing good presevere to the end without trouble and best wishes to you., Your affectionate friend Oliver S. Lindsley Fort Lapwai Idaho Terr.” "April 9, 1889. Forget me not.”

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Fort Lawpai, Idaho Terr.