Yakama Nation Review, Volume 29, Number 8

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.

Page 1: Yakama nation review; Umatillas purchase rainwater ranch (continued on page 5); U.S. Marchals act; Raide seizes Shoalwater slots (continued on page 5); On Starr report, house opts for full disclosure on papers, tapes; October house vote on inquiry (continued on page 2); Gorton squeezes wealthiest of tribes (continued on page 4); YakaMart priming the pump (continued on page 3); Judge supports Makah whaling; Inside.


Page 2: October house vote on inquiry (continued from page 1); Starr: 11 potential charges; Dec. 6, 1997: Incident at Northwest gate of white house.


Page 3: Quickly; Positive parenting: Eight workshops; Wildlife folks prepare to meet; Road work near signal peak; Some loops of cowboy poetry; Tribes and energy deregulation; YVCC grads set harvest dinner; Program budgets frozen at '97 level'; Selam on executive board; Yakamart; Worker search begins in October (continued from page 1); Journalism and Indian community: Explorations; Court: No tribal preference when federal funds used; Quileute Makah close cow elk hunting,




Page 5: Native Northwest; Umatillas purchase rainwater ranch (continued from page 1); Shoalwater seizure (continued from page 1); Washington; Sub disquise may foil makah whale hunt; Lake Quinault lodge now on historic register; GOP: Park closure warnings 'cruel hoax'; Oregon; Warm springs may build casino near Hood river; Idaho; Shoshone photos offered as sacajawea models; Sho-Ban skeleton buried about 10,000 years ago; Alaska; Alaska Native exclusive rights claim rejected.


Page 6: Basketweaving in the spotlight; IAIA board will disband; October archaeology month; Remembering ancient Yakama days.


Page 7: Ceremonial calendar; September; Sept. 24-27: 20th annual Yakama nation national Indian days celebration; October; Oct. 9: SACNAS annual powwow 'celebrating our 25th year; Oct. 9-11: Eagle plume society powwow; Oct. 23-25: 11th annual mid-columvia river celebration; Oct. 31-Nov. 1: 1st annual washington american Indian days; November; Nov. 7-15: 33rd annual veteran's day celebration & powwow; Nov. 11: Veterans day powwow; Nov. 13-15: 9th annual veterans powwow; Nov. 14: Chemawa veterans powwow; Nov. 20-22: 5th annual young nation celebration; Nov. 21: 21st annual siletz restoration powwow; Nov. 26-28: 'Qua Tla Nowit Nami En-Chi Tla Mi Yow'; People in the news; Family drive for kidney transplant; Nettie goes south to Peru; Walker new miss Indian nations; New faces in workforce; Driver training set to roll; Microsoft now Indian-friendly.


Page 8: Opinion & Commentary; PXWI; Tribes & state collide over slots; Report: Form white house council on race; What voters decided.


Page 9: BLURRY PAGE. The image of this page has been digitally modified from the original to enhance readability.


Page 10: Sports; A call for Indian veteran basketball tournaments; Yakama vet's club to host February basketball classic; AAU league to start next month, 354 teams last year.


Page 11: Classified; Youth education counselor; Diabetes nurse educator; Community service counselor I; Dishwasher; Cook; Heritage college requires adjunet instructors in the following areas; Forest archarologist; Compliance officer; Community services counselor II; Yakama legends casino no job postings; Training opportunity; Work experience; classroom training; Direct placement.


Page 12: Across Native America; Northern plains; Oglala Sioux want mortgage options on trust lands; Southwest; Senate approves funding for four corners center; Campbell: Some progress on Animas-La Plata project; Southern plains; Byrd: Audit finds no illegal spending; Great lakes; Judge delays Hudson casino lawsuit until March; Ex-casino worker doesn't contest embezzlement charges; Northeast; Court says Mohawk liquor won't be returned; Southeast; Eastern Cherokee gamble on bottled water business; State examines Y2K computer risk.